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The Sustainable Solution
Community Water Wells

For most villages in need of clean water and sanitation, there is one clear solution – a deep community water well. 

By installing a windmill to pump the water and holding the water in a storage tank, the well can provide clean water for an entire village for years or even decades to come.

Deep Well Specifications
Deep water wells typically go 50 to 200 meters into the ground.  At this incredible depth, a specially trained crew must drill them using a heavy-duty drilling rig.  The well drilling process includes a hydro geological survey, mobilization, drilling, installation, casing, water testing and water pump installation.

Wells of this depth can serve upwards of 3,000-5,000 people.  At a total cost of $15,000-$25,000 per well, this means that as little as $5 can help provide clean water for a person for 20 years (or more).

Windmill-Powered Wells – Eco-Friendly and Efficient
While a manual hand pump can be used, a windmill pump is ideal in most rural villages.  Not only is a windmill eco-friendly, but it is a locally appropriate solution.  Many rural villages do not have the funds to purchase oil for an electric pump, and using the manual hand pump is arduous.

Also because a windmill runs from wind power 24/7, it pumps enough water to fill up the storage tank as well. 

The cost of a windmill pump is approximately $10,000.

The Short-Term Solution
You can easily help people by putting something simple in their hands.  It’s called a LifeStraw, and it purifies dirty water.

The Sustainable Solution
The ultimate, long-term solution for a community is a water well, an eco-friendly windmill to pump the water and a storage tank.

The Challenge
You’ve seen what it takes to provide clean water.  Can you help us make a bigger splash?



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To get involved, please contact Martin Brody, Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale, FL
at martin@rotarywaterprojects.org or (561) 271-8078.


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